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Premium Numbers auction

Terms and Conditions

                                                                                     Rules for conducting an auction of Premium Numbers 

1. General provisions

1.1. These Rules establish the procedure for conducting open bidding in electronic form for the right to conclude a contract for the provision of communication services, indicating in it the specific telephone number of the auction selected by the best bidder (hereinafter "bidding" or "auction") conducted by the auction organizer, "VEON Armenia", through the bidding system belonging to the Organizer under the right of ownership, as well as the order of interaction between the Organizer, participants and other parties during the bidding. During the whole period of the auction, participants are obliged to follow these Rules.
1.2. The organizer of the bidding, carried out by means of an open auction, is "VEON Armenia".
1.3. The legal address of the Organizer: Republic of Armenia, Yerevan 0014, 2 Aharonyan str.
1.4. Terms of holding Auction: from 19th of December (starting from 8 PM) to 20th of December (ending at 8 PM) inclusive. During the auction of premium numbers, 043 033 033 phone number will work 24/7. The number is also available for other network subscribers and in roaming. Attention: The call is paid, the tariff is set according to your tariff plan.
1.5. The subject of the Auction is the right to conclude a contract for the provision of communication services with the Organizer, indicating in it the specific number of the auction selected by the best bidder.
1.6. An auction Participant can be any capable person who has reached the age of 18, as well as any legal entity, who during the auction period will perform all actions provided for by these Rules, except for the persons indicated below:

  • "VEON Armenia" employees and their family members, as well as those persons who have taken part in the creation of the System. 
  • Those persons who did not take part in the auction or did not meet the conditions established by these Rules.

1.7. Bidding system – a website in Internet with domain name, as well as a set of software and hardware (software and hardware complex), designed for conducting electronic bidding. The software and hardware complex provided for organizing an auction (hereinafter "System").
1.8. The personal account is a separate virtual space in the System into which the Participant who passed the registration procedure has personal access (limited by individual login and password).
1.9. The main actions of Participants during the auction.
1.9.1. Getting the access to the System
To gain access to the System, the Participant needs registration (and / or authorization). For registration it is necessary to indicate the mobile phone number in the format +374 (XX) -XXX-XXX. The user will receive an SMS notification on this phone number with a password for further entry into the online auction. The first login to the system will be made with the help of this password. At the first login to the system the user must enter the provided login and password. The System has the option of password change by the Participant.
After registering in the personal account of the auction portal, the System will automatically create an Accounting Record.
When getting access during registration and subsequent authorization, the participant guarantees the authenticity of all data indicated about himself/ herself and bears full responsibility for their correspondence to reality. Registration means the participant's consent to processing of his personal data by the Organizer (carried out with the use of automation means or without them with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), extraction, usage, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, removal, destruction of personal data) for the entire term of the user's participation in the System in order to enable the participant to participate in the Auction.

1.9.2. Login to the System
1.9.3. The participant selects the "Phone number" field and enters his mobile phone number which he indicated during registration in the format (XX) -XXX-XXX.
The participant selects the "Password" field and enters personal new password to enter the auction.
1.9.4. Access to the bidding

In order to gain access to bidding, the Participant should undergo through the procedure of paying a Security deposit. Means, in the amount of 10% of the starting auction price of the selected number through an Internet transaction, are blocked by the "Ameriabank" CJSC payment system until the end of the auction. The participant has the right to choose a lot from the list of numbers on the main page. The function of participation in the auction is available only for registered Participants. If the participant is not registered, then when clicking on "Place a bid" button the system will automatically suggest to register (to create an accounting record). The participant selects the auction by clicking the button "Place a bid". The auction selected by the Participant will be available in the section "My account".
1.9.5. Placing a bid
During the bidding, Participant enters a bid (price offer). The value of each step (bid) for the auction is 10 000, 20 000, 30 000. In the Auction terms, values of price offer (value of a bid) are defined. The percentage of the price increase is fixed for the entire bidding time and is a constant value.
1.9.6. Control of the bidding process:
In order to monitor the course of trading in real-time mode, you need to go to the page "My account". As soon as another participant enters the best price and the page is updated, the user will see the new bid, or will get an SMS-notification to the telephone number, if he activated the option of getting SMS-notifications before.
1.10. Biddings are held in accordance to the rules for conducting an Auction.
1.11. The System user, who won the auction, within 3 working days after the bidding closes undertakes the obligation to conclude a contract for the provision of communication services using the selected subscriber number, as well as payment of the right in the amount set by the results of the bidding. The violation by the Participant of the above-stated term of contract conclusion processing on provision of communication services with the Operator and payment of the right to conclude the contract is considered as confirmation by the Participant of refusal to conclude the contract. In case of refusal to conclude a contract provision of communication services by using the chosen number, user has an obligation to pay whole amount of the security deposit. When bidding is closed for the lot, when the user is not a winner of the auction, the security deposit fee will be returned in accordance to the Payment system.
1.12. Provision of the communication services by using the selected number, is carried out after signing the contract with the System user about the communications services provision.
1.13. The registration and payment of the security deposit serve as confirmation that the participant is acknowledged and agrees with the present rules of holding auction.
1.14. The contract between the Organizer and the Participant for participation in the auction enters into force from the moment of gaining access to the System and is valid until the moment of completion of participation in the bidding and fulfillment of the obligations undertaken by the parties during the auction.

2. Terms of holding Auction

2.1 In the bidding for the right of connecting to the selected number, are taking part those Users, who are registered and/or authorized in the System of the Internet Auction. To participate in the bidding for a specific lot, the participant must make payment of the security deposit by means of an Internet transaction. The volume of the security deposit is 10% of the starting auction price of the number (lot), which depends on the type of premium number and is determined by the system before the bidding.
2.2 During the whole auction, every Participant get short SMS-notifications to the phone number, indicated during the registration, every time, when another Participant offers higher price for that phone number.
2.3 The main bidding time is 24 hours. The rest of the auction time is executed by auto-extensions.
In accordance with the bidding terms during the last seconds of the auction, when one of the participants enters a new price, the system automatically prolongs the total bidding time up to 30 seconds, but not more than 2 minutes.
2.4 Bidding will be automatically closed (the status of bidding will change to "Closed") at the end of the time foreseen for bidding and in case of absence of new offers. When the bidding time is over ("Remaining time" - 0 minutes), the bets of participants will no longer be accepted.
2.5 In the process of bidding, the lot participants are provided with:

  • information on the time remaining until the end of the auction,
  • current bid of lot,
  • list of bidders without indicated names,
  • the time when the participants made their last bids.

2.6 The bidder is given the opportunity to make a bet by lot before the completion of the auction.

Bidding by lot is considered invalid if the following conditions are met:

  • There was an automatic closing of the lot;
  • There is no registered participant in the lot (no bids have been made);
  • Bidding for the lot is considered to be completed successfully if among participants of bidding, the winner-participant who made the maximum bid is unambiguously identified among the bidders by lot.

3. Payment

As a result of the auction, all payments for obtaining the right to use the telephone number are carried out in AMD.

4. Confidentiality

To ensure the security and confidentiality of personal information, each participant will be assigned a serial number, which will be reflected for other participants during the auction. Any other information, except the serial number of the participant, will not be visible to the third parties.
Registration as a participant on your behalf by third parties (including children) participation in the auction (including actions aimed at freezing funds using a payment card), submitting an application and other similar actions are considered to be performed on your behalf. You are solely responsible for providing personal information to third parties and usage of your payment cards.

5. Network requirements and Participant’s actions in case of failure

5.1 In order to participate in the bidding it is necessary to have access to the Internet. All the participants will be provided with access to the system and support of system operation during the bidding by the Organizer. However, the bidding can be postponed to another time by the Organizer if the operation of server or Internet channels is disrupted.
5.2 The participants bear responsibility for ensuring Internet access and functional capability of their equipment.
5.3 If for some reason (network malfunction, Internet channel load, etc.) the browser displays an error message (for example: "Error on Page"), it is necessary to perform several actions:

  1. Immediately inform the Organizer's employee supporting the auction, record the sequence of actions in the most detailed manner, make a screen shot of the error and send it by mail to the contact person. In this case bidding can be suspended to find out the reasons for the error.
  2. Close the browser, log in to the System with your login and password and enter the bidding again.
  3. Restart the computer or smart phone, repeat step 2.

6. Final Provisions

6.1. The User may participate in the auction and become a winner, provided that all the conditions set forth in this document have been implemented and supported by him.
6.2. You agree and acknowledge that participation in the auction or participation procedure will be your acceptance of these conditions.
6.3 The right to use a telephone number is not subject to full or partial refund at the request of the winner.
6.4. In case of termination of the auction the Organizer is obliged to publish information on the termination of the auction in the official information source or publicly inform about such termination otherwise.
6.5. The Organizer has the right to suspend bidding for a certain period. Herewith, the suspension of bidding is understood as the termination of bidding for a certain period, as well as delaying the start of bidding in the event of circumstances that violate or may violate the normal procedure for bidding, as well as in cases where the suspension of bidding is due to actions or events that are beyond the control of the Organizer (force majeure) and/ or these Rules.
6.6. The Organizer has the right to refuse to conduct the Auction, but not later than 3 days before the auction.
6.7. The Organizer has the right to disqualify the participant to participate in the Auction if there is enough evidence that the Participant has violated the norms set by RA legislation and by these Rules. Proceeding from this point, the reason for the user's participation in the auction and / or the grounds for refusing to grant the right to use the telephone number may be due to reasonable doubts of "VEON Armenia", and "VEON Armenia" does not have to prove to the participants the presence of fraud or deception.
6.8. The Organizer will make all reasonable efforts aimed at smooth functioning of the System at a high level, using its technical means. Nevertheless, the Organizer is not responsible for problems that cannot be eliminated, despite the fact that all measures have been taken to do so. The Organizer is not responsible for the functioning of the equipment and communication services of the Participant and/or the actions of third parties.
6.9. The Organizer does not bear any responsibility in the event of any dispute between the holder of the SIM card / number (subscriber under the Cellular Communication Services Provision Contract) and the actual user of the SIM card / number that may arise in connection with the Auction, including, but not limited to the announcement of the best bidder, conclusion of contract, etc. All these issues are resolved between the parties at their absolute discretion without involving the Organizer.
6.10 Neither the Organizer, nor the officials, employees or agents of the Organizer are liable for the harm caused to the participants of the auction, including moral harm which arose because the participant was not announced as the best bidder according to these Rules.
6.11 The Organizer reserves the right to make amendments to these Rules by publishing the relevant information on the website
6.12 If participating in the Auction the Participants adopt these Rules. In case of disputes the resolution will be within the competence of the courts of general jurisdiction in accordance with the effective legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

ATTENTION! If fraud is detected on the part of participants, the Organizer reserves the right to apply strict measures against such participants, up to and including their disqualification to take part in the bidding.

                                                                    Conditions for purchasing the Premium numbers before the auction start 

  1. Before the beginning of the auction, during the one calendar month, the User can purchase any number displayed on the site.
  2. The User is required to undergo the procedure for reserving the Security Deposit. The funds, in the amount of the Security deposit (1% of the starting price of the auction) , are blocked by Ameriabank CJSC for the duration of the auction via an Internet transaction.
  3. After ordering the number User is required to sign a contract with "VEON Armenia" about the use of the purchased number and telecommunication services provision within 3 working days in any Beeline office that is convenient for him/or via the number delivery. 
  4. In case of refusal to conclude a contract for the provision of telecommunications services using the selected number, User is obliged to pay the full amount of the Security deposit.